Friday, October 29, 2010


so I'm listening to the song "i need you more" song by Kim Walker of jesus culture. sitting at Starbucks listening to this song, and I got an image of someone soaking wet from the presence of God. someone that is dripping with the tangible liquid love of our MAKER. can you imagine carrying that with you everyday, every minute, every second...the liquid love of our CREATOR. what an awesome gift He has given us, His very presence. The fact that people whether they are a believer or not can recognize the carriers of our SAVIORS liquid love.

I pray that in my own life I can be a carrier of His liquid love, not the temporary I'm only gonna do it cause it benefits me. BUT the real, authentic, pure, no-strings attached LOVE that God has called ALL of us to extend to EVERYONE. God I thank you that there is no limit to your love, that there is freedom, grace, acceptance, guidance, truth and wholeness in your LOVE.

so with that being said

more than the air i breathe, more than the song i sing, more than anything...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

PROMOTING because thats what has to done...

So like Ive said in my past post, Ive been creating. Being more intentional about making and promoting and letting the world know.

Anyhoo, here is an update to what has been recently listed. I've added some photos below, but I would love for you all to stop by the shop, and share with your friends and all you know.


welcome plaque

black and cream clutch

april showers watercolor print