Tuesday, March 31, 2009

dinner with friends...

last night had the pleasure of having dinner with some amazing women.  we came together and created a delicious meal 

this all came together when maryruth, katie and myself were discussing how simple cooking can actually be; all you need are the basic ingredients and we discovered that last night. we took a little chicken, ham, cheese, flour, eggs, and bread crumbs and wala la cordon blu. so katie, rachelKRISTIN, maryruth,  JENNY, lorelei, jessica and myself ate, laughed, and just had some amazing quality time, really embracing our femininity.

proverbs 31

25 she is clothed with strength and dignity;
     she can laugh at the days to come.
26 she speaks with wisdom, 
     and faithful instruction is on her tongue.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

fun with my missionary friend...

this is a video that my friend Nic Nice and I made while sitting at bean there...enjoy!

quoted text from NIC NICE...

"This really is a boring video but I was having fun as Isa was showing me how she made her very nice looking, creative blog. Hope you don't waste your time on this video as it was also my first time using iMovie and I basically couldn't figure it out. So I give it an over all low score for editing, content and educational value."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

we prepare the way...

so the past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic, just adjusting to working early in the morning and trying not to stay up too late, but God has been amazing...I have been really praying about where the Lord wants me to go this summer as far as missions, and it was down to two locations. Ghana and Turkey, both very special and i know i could be used on either trip...but i didn't just want to pick one randomly. so i prayed and asked and prayed and asked. after attending the turkey interest meeting i really felt like the Lord put a song on my heart for the trip. "We prepare the way" by Rick Pino (such an amazing song). but this wasn't my deciding factor, the trip to Turkey is geared towards worship and intersession something that I really want to go deeper in. And the very fact of all of this was Turkey scared me the most, having to be stretched in an area that is very intimate to me. So with that I was like ok God, lets do this, lets jump, let me take that step and trust you with this. Lets Go! And there you have it, I'm going to Turkey, June 10 - 21. I know that the Lord is going to do tremendous things with the team and with the people we come in contact with.

below is my sponser letter...I would love it if you could just keep me in your prayers, and if you would like to contribute to my funds that would be awesome!

As most of you know I had the opportunity to go to South Africa last summer and minister to the young people in the town of Coffee Bay. This was my first experience being out of the country and I loved it! Caring for the little ones in the orphanage and having meaningful discussion about the Lord with the older ones it was simply amazing.

This year I have the same desire, just in a different region of the world. My heart has led me to be a part of our church’s mission team to Turkey. Our team is scheduled to be in Antalya, Turkey

June 10 – 21 and we will be doing worship and intercession, and youth ministry. I can’t even describe fully how excited about what God is going to do with our team and for myself being stretched in the area of worship.

Our team will be busy for the next several months learning, praying and preparing for Turkey. I would like to invite you to also be a part of our team. We need people who will pray for us as we prepare and while we are on the field. We also need people who can partner with me financially. The trips estimated cost is $2900.

Would you please continue to pray about being a part of my support team? All financial contributions are tax-deductible. Checks should be made payable to New Life Ministries International and the envelope (not the check) should be clearly designated with both the trip name and my name. You may include the country/trip name on the memo line of your check but please do not include my name. If the check is designated with my name, according to IRS regulations, you will not be able to use it as a tax deduction. Also, you may make an online contribution through our website at http://newlife.cc/. Because we have to meet deadlines for airfare deposits and other arrangements, I need to have adequate financial support raised as soon as possible.

And if you
are interested in being part of my personal prayer support team, please email me at luv2shoot@gmail.com or give me a call at 757-816-3016. We plan to keep our prayer team regularly updated with prayer requests and praise reports. Thank you for praying about being part of our team in any way possible!

With lots of love

Isabel Monell

*pictures are from my trip to south africa last summer*