Tuesday, August 25, 2009

you've captured my heart...

i got this from an email my mom sent me, and it made me think...God I want you to see me like that...as your bride, as lovely, as precious, as worth it...

As a man rejoices over his new wife, so God will rejoice over you.

you ever noticed
the way a groom looks at his bride
during the wedding? I have. Perhaps it's my
vantage point. As the minister of the wedding, I'm posi-
tioned next to the groom. . . .
If the light is just so and the angle just right, I can see a tiny re-
flection in his eyes. Her reflection. And the sight of her reminds him
why he is here. His jaw relaxes and his forced smile softens. He forgets
he's wearing a tux. He forgets his sweat-soaked shirt.. . . . When he sees
her, any thoughts of escape becomes a joke again. For it's written all over
his face, "Who could bear to live without this bride?"
And such are precisely the feelings of Jesus. Look long enough into
the eyes of our Savior and, there, too, you will see a bride. Dre-
ssed in fine linen. Clothed in pure grace. . . . She is the
bride . . . walking toward him. . . .
And who is this bride for whom Jesus
longs? . . . You are.