Sunday, February 22, 2009


here are some of the items from my shop.all of the bags are homemade by myself. hope you guys enjoy. trying to save up for my missions trip.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1,2,3 JUMP...

1, 2, 3 JUMP...1, 2, 3 READY i come, I jump into you...(adam cates)

So last week at girls group one of the leaders spoke about prophecy and what that looked like, and how God can use it in many different forms. And once the discussion was finished we had a time to active what we talked about and learned. For me this wasn't too hard, but then again its something that I always tend to over analyze and just really question if its my own thoughts or JESUS.

We paired off and just started praying for our partners. I didn't really get anything revelational, at least not in my opinion but I shared. Then my partner (Rachel) began to share what she felt like the Lord was showing her for me.

"I just hear the word PASSIONATE, and not the superficial passionate that you see from the outside, but a pure PASSION from within."

I thought cool, I feel like I'm at that point with the Lord...not wanting to play games...just wanting his heart.

She proceeded...

"Its night and the stars are out, and you are walking. Walking towards this cliff, and jump...I don't really know what you are jumping into, but you jump"

I was like oh great suicide...ya! not really...but REALLY! God, I'm jumping off a cliff? What does that mean? Where are we going with this? Is there any significance or what? I didn't really think much of what my Rachel told me when i left girls group that night, but that Lord has a funny way of bringing things back. But God.

So I'm reading this book on desperate women of the bible, and it just so happen the same week Rachel shared this image of me jumping off a cliff, i get to the chapter of a women who was so desperate it was like she was jumping off a cliff...yea i know God you are funny! This gave new insight to what Rachel told me, and made me really just examine what she said again. Yes i am passionate about the Lord, and I am passionate about the things he is doing in and through me, but am I willing to trust him and JUMP? am i willing to say "I'm ready to jump...i trust you JESUS!" I think so, I don't want to be at the edge of the cliff wondering if it will hurt to jump. At the edge waiting for something to come and carry me to the other side. That's not what he wants either, he wants everything, all of me...the willingness to say I'm ready and i don't care what is at the bottom.

here are some lines from the book I'm reading:
Desperate living requires risk, surrender, yielding all that you have in hopes that it will somehow be good enough. It is jumping off a cliff, hoping you will land on something soft, something that doesn't break you completely. Something that does not swallow you alive. But if it does, well, it does.

...a woman who was jumping off a cliff, clinging to the simple and frail hope that she might land on something soft-if she landed at all.

He was about to jump off a cliff, knowing nothing was going to break his fall. Nothing, this is, but the object of his devotion, of his sacrifice. Of his love.