Wednesday, May 19, 2010

im being featured

I've been working on trying to promote my etsy site, and website and i think its working :)
Today I'm being featured on Coconut Palm Design, so hopefully it creates more exposure to my artwork. So excited!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010


So its been a while, and when I say a while I mean 9 months since I've posted something.

and now let me unload, upload, download...share whats been going on

I've been busy...getting organized, figuring out what I want for my life, hanging out, loving people, being myself.


I have always had a passion for art, and creating but I never really had the confidence to share what I did or even think that I could make a living out of it. But like I said before I've been busy getting organized and figuring out what I want for my life, and what I want is to be an artist, and make my living with it. So I have been painting and exploring and seeing where it takes me and allowing God to give me more vision for this passion that I have inside of me. Its been fun and scary all at the same time, sharing my art is like a exposing a part of myself that I keep hidden. 9 months of formulating something amazing, 9 months of allowing my insecurities to be dealt with, 9 months of exploring, and 9 months of saying yes to my passion.

Now on this side of the 9 months I have established my very on website MONELLISA and I opened up an etsy shop selling my prints and other artwork. and I'm EXCITED

I'm looking forward to more creativity, exploring, more yielding to God to allow me to go deeper with this passion...MORE